Hotel Ibis Styles Paris CDG: The Perfect Airport Hotel

I used to be very against airport hotels. After shelling out all that money to visit a given destination, I never understood why anyone would want to spend their final night of vacation in a bland hotel away from all the action. When I visited Los Angeles, for example, I wanted to be close to restaurants and big sightseeing attractions, rather than cooped up in the boring strip of big-name airport hotels near LAX. Why waste that last evening rotting away and wishing to be somewhere else?

Then I stayed at an airport hotel with my family, on our big trip to France in 2014. Staying in the hotel was so incredibly convenient, since it was located on the actual airport property. We woke up, had breakfast, and literally strolled out the door and into the terminal.

There was no last-minute flurry of activity before rushing to catch a bus or taxi and hope that traffic was fine. There was no panicked realization that we had left our passports in the hotel safe (and even if we had, the hotel was a short walk away from security). Everything was easy and stress-free, and I wondered why on earth I had never given airport hotels a serious chance.

Naturally, when Dan and I began researching hotels for our European adventure, I remembered our awesome hotel experience at Charles de Gaulle, and wanted to recreate that stress-free feeling on our final night in Europe. I certainly didn’t want to fly in from Rome, rush around to gather our luggage and check in for our next flight, and hop right back onto our flight home in the same day. No, we decided to spend one relaxing night at the airport and unwind a little bit before boarding our return flight.

The venue for our stay? The Hotel Ibis Styles CDG.

Picking the Perfect CDG Airport Hotel - The Ibis Styles CDG is beautifully-decorated, a fantastic value, and is conveniently located on the property of Aeroport Paris Charles de Gaulle.
Possibly the most confusingly named duo of hotels. This review is for the second listing shown. Fun fact: the first hotel shown is where I stayed with my family in 2014 and discovered the perks of staying in an airport hotel!

We touched down in Paris after a short flight from Rome and set about checking into the hotel. The easiest way to get there is to take the free CDGVAL shuttle service to Terminal 3. Just get off the shuttle, take the escalator upstairs, and go out the glass doors, where the recently-opened hotel is waiting to welcome guests.

When booking any hotel, I focus on location, style, and comfort. The Ibis Styles CDG easily passed the location and comfort checks, with big fluffy beds in the heart of the airport itself, but what really got us going was the unique theme of the hotel.

Drumroll, please. The Ibis Styles CDG is…outer space themed. How cool is that?! The theme was apparent from the moment we walked into the lobby, with its deep blue, star studded walls and collection of sci-fi memorabilia.

Constellations decorate the walls of the space-themed Hotel Ibis Styles CDG, located right on the property of Aeroport Charles de Gaulle in Paris, France.
Love this! I was not expecting any airport hotel to be so cute, but this one wowed us from the start!
A super cute collection of science fiction knickknacks in the lobby of the outer-space themed airport hotel Ibis Styles CDG. Paris, France.
I love the little Dalek in the bottom corner! So cute.

The theme carried through the hallways and right into our rooms, with a huge moon dipping lazily behind the double bed, and furniture inspired by the 60’s mod space age.

Space themed hallways show constellations and more in the charming airport hotel Ibis Styles CDG. Paris, France.
Cute space themed hallways
Roomy, comfortable beds in the perfect airport hotel, the Ibis Styles CDG. Paris, France.
The perfect setting to rest comfortably before a long flight across the Atlantic

The room was small but very comfortable, with clean lines, plenty of white, and simple, functional furniture. In addition to the double bed, our Standard Room had an open mesh storage unit, a desk, a 32 inch LCD TV, and an updated bathroom with shower, toilet and hair dryer.

The perfect compact desk space in our hotel room at the Hotel Ibis Styles CDG, Paris France.
The additional desk space was the perfect catchall for our glasses, wallets and more! It was easy to get organized the night before our flight and leave any important things (like passports!) in sight.
Modern lines and bold colors in the bathroom of the Hotel Ibis Styles CDG guest rooms in Paris, France.
The shower featured simple lines and bold colors, while the glass shower panel made the bathroom seem much larger than it actually was.

The staff had kindly left a complimentary water bottle and bag of strawberry candies on the bed, which I reluctantly shared with Dan. The room also featured a huge window facing the runway, where we could watch planes speed up and away.

Complimentary in-room snacks at the Hotel Ibis CDG in Paris, France.
My grandparents used to bring these exact snacks to my siblings and I when we were younger! They are so tasty!
Room service and beverage menu at the Hotel Ibis Styles CDG, Paris, France.
Room service and beverage menu for those needing more than just water and candy.
Awesome view from our room at airport hotel Ibis Styles CDG in France.
The view from our massive window. I’ve always thought airports held a certain air of romance, and I loved watching the planes full of people taking off on unknown adventures.

After checking into our room and getting settled, Dan and I headed down to the on-property restaurant, Foody’s Planet, for our final dinner in Europe. The dining area was adorably decorated to match the mod, spacey theme of the hotel, with bright yellow dinettes in the center of the room, and blueprints of various spacecraft adorning the walls.

The dining area at the Hotel Ibis Styles CDG, Paris.
The dining area of the Ibis Styles CDG, which doubled as the breakfast buffet seating the next morning!

I ordered scallops with risotto, pepper cream and chorizo, while Dan had a good old-fashioned bacon cheeseburger with the standard toppings of lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and mustard.

I laughed at Dan’s very American order of a cheeseburger and fries, but when the food arrived at our table, I wished I had ordered the burger as well!

Scallops at Foody's Planet, the in house restaurant of Hotel Ibis Styles CDG in Paris, France.
DISGUSTING. Boy do I regret ordering this horrible dish.

The scallops were under cooked, both chewy and grainy in texture rather than soft and buttery. I did not complain, thinking it must be a French thing to serve the scallops cooked medium, and set about eating my neon yellow rice with sickly cream sauce and chorizo. Even the wine we’d ordered was watery and flavorless. It was, without a doubt, the worst meal I’d eaten abroad, and even though I was hungry, I wound up pushing the plate away half-eaten and gulping down the boring wine. Dan’s burger, on the other hand, was fantastic, and I was very grateful when he offered me half of it so I wouldn’t starve. Looking around the dining room, nearly everyone else had gotten the burger as well, which I found an interesting departure from the fancy French meals of our first week in Europe.

A cheeseburger and fries at Foody's Planet, the in-house restaurant at the Hotel Ibis Styles CDG. Even the French hotel guests were chowing down on these burgers, so don't be afraid to order one!
Dinner is saved, thanks to one tasty burger and a generous boyfriend!

Back in the room, we settled in to watch The Walking Dead en français and redistribute our belongings between two suitcases (after an embarrassing overweight bag situation at the airport in Rome). Dan plugged in our travel adapter, the same one we’d been using for the entire trip, and promptly knocked out the power in our room. We were super embarrassed to call the front desk and explain, certain they would blame us and assume we’d used the wrong adapter, but they were very sweet and understanding. Someone came up to our room five minutes later to escort us to a brand new room (with a brand new bag of strawberry candies! Score).

Getting ready the next day could not have been easier. The huge, modern bathrooms offered plenty of space for two people to get ready, and even featured a full size, all in one shampoo and body wash. No trial size freebies here, wink wink. Then it was down to the dining area, where we enjoyed a delicious complimentary buffet breakfast. I probably shouldn’t have loaded up on all those flaky chocolate mini croissants and toasty French bread, but hey. When in Paris! I sure miss those guilty pleasure breakfasts now!

Enjoy a typical French breakfast of pastries, meats and coffee when you stay at the Ibis Styles CDG in Paris, France. The complimentary breakfast is the perfect way to treat yourself before a long flight out of CDG.
An orange juicer makes fresh orange juice for the free and delicious breakfast buffet at the Ibis Styles CDG in Paris, France.
Delicious fresh orange juice was a highlight of the meal, and a great way to get the day started!

Check out itself was quick and easy, just a quick courtesy stop at the front desk and we were on our way! 30 seconds later, we were in the airport and headed to the luggage check. Easy as that. You truly cannot beat the convenience of this hotel, and when it comes to style and comfort, the Ibis Styles is a slam dunk.

Have I convinced you yet that airport hotels are the way to go? Click here to check out the Ibis Styles CDG and book your next stay!

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