Hiking, Exploring & Cleaning The Sink

It’s hard to travel on such a small budget. I’ve spent the last few weeks obsessively checking flight schedules and price drops, hoping to jet off to Costa Rica, Norway, or any other destination boasting cheap round trip airfare. At my current pay rate, it looked like my next vacation might fall somewhere in September or October…might. After all, I’m still saving up for a 2016 trip to Paris!

Since I couldn’t afford to travel anywhere this spring, I resigned myself to exploring my own backyard. There are so many parts of Florida that I have yet to experience, and what better person to explore it with than my own sister! Michelle lives and studies in Provo, Utah, and has been dying to return to Orlando ever since her first trip in 2013. As I began collecting possible travel dates and coordinating exam schedules, a new travel possibility fell right into my lap.

Michelle casually mentioned how much she was looking forward to her trip back home in late April. Our dad is picking her up from college, and the two of them are setting out on a mini road trip from Provo to Seattle. On their drive down to Provo earlier this year, Dad and Michelle stopped at a place in Utah called Angie’s Restaurant, where they met up with two friends and demolished a massive ice cream sundae named “Clean the Sink.” They even earned themselves a bumper sticker!

Needless to say, I was both envious and in awe of this high calorie achievement, and when Michelle mentioned an even more ambitious foodie road trip covering four states, I immediately started researching flights to Utah.

Thanks to a JetBlue credit for misplaced baggage earlier this year, a late April flight from Orlando to Provo cost only $28.99! I immediately fired off texts to Dad and Michelle, begging them to let me tag along on their trip. Less than 24 hours later, I booked a one way ticket to¬†Utah, a state of natural beauty that I’ve never truly experienced for myself (okay, I went once, but I didn’t do much aside from roam an empty college campus over winter break).

I’ll be flying to Utah next month, spending a few days there, and then joining my dad and sister on an epic gourmand road trip before returning home from Seattle. I can’t wait to see my family and to spend some time exploring Utah’s hiking trails and local restaurants!

Have you been to Provo? What trails and activities would you recommend to a first time visitor?

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  • Wow that’s an awesome price! We just moved to western Colorado and we are around 15 miles from the Utah border. We have gone a few times already in March and we love the state!

    • Yeah, it was a real no-brainer when I saw how inexpensive my next vacation could be! I’ve never been to Colorado but it is high on my list. I love outdoorsy things and there seems to be an abundance of things to do in your part of the country.

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