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20 Amazing European Monuments You Need to Experience | A Brit & A Southerner

It’s no secret that I long to live in Europe. From the food, the culture, the history, there is something about Europe that never ceases to lure me in. Oh, did I mention the monuments? You know the ones. The Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. To see which well-known site wowed me the most, and hopefully add a few new spots to your travel wish list, check out this list of 20 incredible European monuments over at A Brit & A Southerner.

Sonderlust Secrets: Seattle, Washington | Atlas Adrift

I’ve written often about my childhood growing up near Seattle, Washington. In my first ever featured post, I share the things that have me returning home at least once every year! To see what I love so much about the Seattle area, and to discover more gems across the globe, check out the Sonderlust Series at Atlas Adrift.