Strolling Around the Colosseum

Strolling Around the Colosseum

Sometimes in life and in travel, things don’t go as planned. Trains are missed, bags are left behind, and wallets are stolen. And in my case, blog schedules are scrapped to make way for some exciting new life events. Today’s post (or let’s be honest, Saturday’s post) was meant to be all about my spring visit to the Louvre with my boyfriend Dan. Instead, I’m showcasing some photos from our trip to the Colosseum. Why?

I got engaged on Saturday! Ahhhh! After nearly four years of dating, Dan granted my biggest wish and proposed at the Cinderella Wishing Well in Disney’s Magic Kingdom! We’ve tossed coins in the well so many times now, and every time, I wished for a proposal and a shiny new ring…and now that dream has come true! (Head on over to my Instagram page to see the gorgeous ring he picked out!)

We plan on taking some time to enjoy the holidays and will begin planning the wedding after we ring in the New Year, but in the meantime, I’ll obviously be a little distracted. The last thing I want to do right now is spend hours writing, formatting and fact-checking my posts, which is why I opted for a simple photo essay instead. Insert code, maybe a caption or two, and voila! This will be my last post before Christmas, so please enjoy the photos and have a wonderful holiday, wherever you are in the world!

Loads of construction leading up to the world famous Colosseum – it’s not quite the first impression we expected!
That’s my fiance, ladies and gents! (Don’t be fooled, this photo was all my idea and he was embarrassed even while it was happening, ha!)
First glimpse of the center of the arena
Stairs leading up to the second visitor-accessible level. It may not look it, but these stairs were steep! I don’t envy the people who climbed them regularly!
Peeking out at a nearby park. The area around the Colosseum had loads of shops, restaurants and this lovely park. We didn’t get to explore much this time around, but we will next time!
The second level of the Colosseum showcases some important historical artifacts and sheds some light on what it was really like to visit the Colosseum in its heyday. It’s the brains to the arena’s brawn.
Dan looking out over the Colosseum while listening to his audio guide. Look at that sweet smile!
In this photo, you can see the two main visitor levels. The first level is great for getting a closer look at the arena floor, while the second level offers great big-picture views over the whole arena. Certain tours, I’m told, also take guests down to floor level and to a third, even higher level of the structure.
Cheesing hard! What an incredible experience.
I love all the color and texture in this photo! The worn walls of the ancient Colosseum set against the colorful buildings of the city that lies beyond.
Ancient Roman graffiti! No really…these markings are almost as old as the Colosseum itself.
The ever-patient Dan smiling for yet another photo.
More of those gorgeous arches! As you can see from the pointed metal gate, large parts of the Colosseum are off-limits to preserve what remains of the structure.
The Arch of Constantine, seen from the Colosseum
That view! If you think this is cool, imagine it back in the day! It strongly reminded me of a football stadium, and it was so odd to see all the similarities firsthand. With the rowdy crowds and the screaming fans, I bet watching the games and fights at the Colosseum was a lot like attending a modern day sporting event.
A nice little spot to take a break and look across the way at the Roman Forum.
There it is now! A little preview of the Forum & Palatine Hill site, which became my favorite part of our first visit to Rome.
One of my favorite photos from the Colosseum, and from our entire stay in Italy! I love how well-preserved the upper part of the structure is, especially contrasted against the worn and crumbling brick seen in the front.
View from the first level
It was so cool to get up close with the arena floor!
Imagine what this would have looked like before it started to crumble and fall!
More of those super steep stairs! These ones were so worn down they looked more like a giant misshapen rock than anything else. Like I said earlier, I would not want to climb these allllll the way up to the cheap seats!
The lower half of the picture shows the series of halls and rooms below the arena floor. This is where beasts and men were prepared and led to their doom, sometimes lifted through trap doors and right into the center of the arena!
A closer look at one of the hallways. Imagine spending your final moments here while the crowd roars overhead.
The varied levels of the Colosseum.
A photo that needs no caption. So gorgeous!
He’s so patient with me, ha! This was the reality of visiting Rome, Dan taking in the sights while I hopped around taking photos like a maniac.
I loved all the warm tones in Rome! The orange, tan and yellow buildings, the speckled walls of the Colosseum…even the grass had colorful bunches of flowers to share!
Forgive the gratuitous amount of exterior shots here. I can write and I can take decent photos, but one thing I can’t do is pick favorites out of the bunch!
This lovely photo was captured from inside the Roman Forum & Palatine Hill site. A gorgeous sight on a beautiful sunny day!
I was here!
He was too! World, meet my fiance!

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